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Our Services

We are a Disability Services Commission (DSC) preferred provider of support options for anyone with Individualised Funding Packages formerly known as Alternatives to Employment, Post School Options or Intensive Family Support funding. We also have a small allocation of Respite funding we manage and can provide after hours, emergency and short term overnight respite options.

Information for School Leavers

While in Year 11, a member of the DSC Post School Options team will come and assess an individual’s expected support requirements for when they leave school and transition into adult life. This assessment is reviewed in Year 12/13 to ensure any changes in support needs are considered before a final funding allocation is confirmed.

Individualised Funding Packages are made available to those who do not have the capacity to work full time and they are intended for use to purchase support options to meet a range of individual needs and desires after leaving school. This could include support for personal care needs, Positive Behaviour Support, accessing and being included in the community, developing and maintaining independent living skills, participation in recreation, sporting and fitness for health and fun activities, further training or volunteer work or to build and maintain friendships, relationships and social networks.

Individuals who have already been out of the school system for more than two (2) years who haven’t yet been assessed for an Individual Funding Package are required to apply for this through the Combined Application Process (CAP) with DSC.

Information about Family Support Options

Valued Independent People Inc is also able to provide support and respite type options designed to build and strengthen families who have an individual with a disability and enhance the relationships both within the family unit and between the family and the community. Often, this type of funding is used to purchase respite supports but it is also intended to be flexible so as to meet the needs of families to maintain well-being within the family.

Sibling support, personal care requirements, respite, building informal support networks and community relationships are all examples of what your Individual Funding Packages can be used for.

Why choose us?

Regardless of the support options you may be looking for, we utilise person-centred principles and individualised planning tools to assist you to identify and develop the support plan and program that suits you. Person- centred principles are about ensuring that you are at the heart of the planning and decision making process and have the power to choose what is best for you. We can also support you to have control over your own funding to the level you feel comfortable with. So, what does a good life mean to you?

Spare time on your hands? Want to make a difference?


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