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Our Journeys

If you would like to know how we can support you, take a look at these stories.

Introducing Jayden

Jayden was about to finish Year 13 at Gladys Newton School in Balga in 2011. Gary and Sue (Jayden’s parents) went to Post School Options Expos and visited a number of providers before deciding upon VIP to support Jayden.

When Gary, Sue and Jayden came in to meet with us and discuss what a good life for Jayden was, it was clear that what Jayden wanted was to continue his friendship with a school mate, build new friendships and continue to develop his independency and life skills.

Gary and Sue were really happy that they could work with VIP to come up with a program for Jayden that met his basic care needs and more importantly supported Jayden to maintain the skills he had and support him to develop new ones.

Moving from one phase in your life to another can be daunting at the best of times, particularly the move from school to adult life. We know from experience that good planning and identifying the best ways to support someone during the transition to adult life, the more likelihood of success.

The transition for Jayden included a VIP mentor who visited Jayden at school for one day a week for five weeks and then he was able to do the same visiting VIP and getting to know everyone. Gary and Sue fed back that it was a really great way to make the transition from school to VIP.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Jayden. Gary and Sue came and spoke to us about some concerns they had which we really appreciated as this gave us the opportunity to understand the impact on Jayden’s life if we didn’t get it right. I recently asked Gary and Sue if they would be willing to provide us with feedback about how Jayden is going now.

“Jayden is always up beat in the mornings before pickup, he really enjoys everything about VIP but most of all Luke and Thursday night dancing and getting home late! VIP have been approachable and flexible – we had some concerns not long after the start of the year but we met, talked about it and made some adjustments which worked out well”.

Jayden continues to hang out with his school friend and has a new group of friends at VIP and looks forward to seeing them on the days he attends.


Introducing Samantha

Sam first starting accessing VIP in early 2007 after she moved here with her family from Canberra. Sam is 28 and absolutely loves the colour green, almost as much as she loves cooking! Sam enjoys cooking so much in fact, she cooks lunch for everyone at Duncraig once a week.

I asked Sam if she would like to regularly share not only her passion for cooking with you all but also her yummy cooking recipes and baking tips. Given that the holiday season is upon us, you must try this decadent and moreish festive treat and watch out for more of Sam’s recipes to come!







Rich Fruit Cake

1 kilo of mixed fruit

2 cups of hot chocolate (or coffee if you prefer)

150gms fruit and nut chocolate (or plain chocolate if you have a nut allergy)

2 cups of self raising flour (or rice flour if you are gluten intolerant)


Pour the hot chocolate or hot coffee over the fruit and soak overnight. Break up the chocolate and combine the chocolate and flour into the fruit mix. Place in a baking pan at 180°c for about 45-50 minutes or if making cup cakes for about 20-25 mins.



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