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DSC Independent Quality Evaluation of VIP

Once every three to five years, the Quality Management Unit at DSC arrange for the independent evaluation of funded disability sector organisations. The evaluation process consists of:

  • Obtaining feedback about the quality and effectiveness of the service from individuals and families who access the service as well as from staff, management and the Board
  • Observations of the service ‘in action’, and
  • Evidence the organisation meets the nine Disability Service Standards, particularly focusing on ensuring the service can prove the protection of human rights and freedom from abuse and neglect of individuals with disability

As we have continued to implement changes to improve the experience of individuals who access our service and the overall operations of the organisation over the last two and half years, I’m looking forward to being presented the final report.  Any areas of improvement that are identified in the report will assist us to develop next year’s improvement plan. The final report will be presented at the evaluation meeting that will be held sometime in January (date to be confirmed). If you would like to attend the evaluation meeting, please contact Jackie Gibhard on 9203 7500 or email Jackie@vip.local


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