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Category Archive: Projects

  • Launch of the Code of Practice governing the use of Restrictive Practices

    Disability Services Commission will be launching the Code of Practice governing the use of Restrictive Practices to disability sector organisations in late October. The Code of Practice will ensure that disability sector organisations funded by Disability Services Commission develop operational policy and guidelines for eliminating the use of restrictive practices in supporting individuals who display Read more >>

  • Positive Behaviour Framework – Elimination of Restrictive Practices

    We have certainly come a long way since the days of people with a disability being hidden from our community resulting in many people being marginalised and institutionalised. Little understanding or tolerance for some people with a disability lead to practices of trying to manage or control them some of which are now viewed as Read more >>

  • Disability Professional Services – Alternatives to Employment

    Greatly assisting us in our endeavours in changing to more individualised supports, is this project addressing three key areas of support requiring attention – Communication, Dysphagia and Manual Assistance. I regularly receive feedback from families that there is a lack of transition or ongoing support for those requiring specialist interventions including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology Read more >>