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Valued Independent People Inc commenced operations in 1992 after a small group of dedicated and enthusiastic people with a vision set their minds to achieving their goal. That goal was to create opportunities and support young people with a disability leaving school who had limited or no work options.

The organisation began with the support of Lotteries Commission (now Lotterywest WA) and the Authority for the Intellectually Handicapped (now Disability Services Commission) and consisted of a Board of Management, an Auditor, a Manager (who only recently retired in July 2011 after 20 years of service), one clerical assistant, six ‘facilitators’ and 17 young people between the ages of 17 and 20. The facilitators’ role was to assist individuals to access their local community, sporting, recreation and activity ‘centres’ (as they were called back then), nature reserves and parks.


We certainly have come a long, long way since then as has the language we use in describing people with disabilities, available funding and renewed focus on supporting people to achieve outcomes, realise their dreams and live a ‘good life’.

Valued Independent People Inc provides quality supports and services in a personalised way. We know that the best way we can support you is to find out everything we can about what is important to you, the dreams and aspirations you have, who you want to support you, where and when and the care and supports you need to remain healthy, safe and happy.

Apart from being able to support you and manage funding on your behalf, we can also assist you in managing your own supports and funding through our Shared Management process – Your Support, Your Way. We can support individuals and families with Post School Options, Alternatives to Employment and Intensive Family Support funding (respite).

About Us

While we support and encourage you (or your family member) to gain and maintain relationships and connections within your local and the greater community, we also appreciate that everyone needs a home base to stop in at when required. We have ‘Bases’ in Duncraig, Girrawheen, Hamersley and Nollamara. If you would like to find out more about how we can support you to live an ordinary ‘good life’ in extraordinary ways, call us on 9203 7500 or email us at

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